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Raw Honey, Pure Honey & Fresh  Bee Pollen
Fresh bee pollen, Raw honey, pure honey for sale

Swarmbustin' Honey is owned and operated by Walt Broughton and located near the Village of Chatham, in Chester County PA. Walt has been keeping bees for over three decades and has increased the size of his operation largely by capturing swarms of honeybees. This has earned him the name "Swarmbuster", hence the beginning of Swarmbustin' Honey.

Now available in our Honey Store - "Been Dosed Today? 911 Bee Pollen T-Shirts" - available in Medium or XLarge: $12. Free with orders over $100 dollars (excluding shipping). Simply add the shirt to your order and if your honey purchase is greater than $100 we will deduct the cost of the t-shirt.

Walt offers pure & raw honey in ten different types and sizes of containers and four shades that represent the distinctive honey flavors made possible by the diversity of the floral sources available to the honeybees.

About Bee PollenBesides totally raw honey, Swarmbustin’ Honey is proud to offer fresh bee pollen. Here at Swarmbustin’ Honey our bee pollen is now in season and we are harvesting bee pollen daily, so the pollen you order today was likely harvested that very day, ensuring you the freshest bee pollen available

PLEASE VISIT CON-GLOOM-ERRATE - in the News & Notes section you will find a letter to the editor from Walt Broughton, originally directed to American Bee Journal in response to an article in their December 2012 issue.